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Do Soft Drinks Cause Kidney Stones Or Cure Them

You may hear mixed opinions as to the effect soft drinks have towards kidney stones. Some experts advise soft drinks may directly influence the onset of kidney stones, other experts indicate soft drinks in moderation may actually assist in curing kidney stones. So who is correct ? 


The best way to answer that question is analyzing the cause of kidney stones. Kidney stones are actually caused by a lack of hydration, the body needs water to continually flush the system. It is recommended we drink 8 to 10 glass of water a day. People who drink soft drinks and coffee typically do not drink enough water and are not able to properly flush the bladder and kidneys. These people are more likely to develop kidney stones in their lifetime. Soft drinks do not cause kidney stones, they are consequential damage resulting from insufficient water intake.


How can soft drinks be beneficial in curing kidney stones ? The fact that soft drink manufacturers use phosphoric acid (a natural acid) as an ingredient in soft drinks. Phosphoric acid actually assists in dissolving kidney stones. A recent study was conducted on over 1000 men who suffered from kidney stones, they each consumed at least 5 ounces of soft drinks per day. During a 3 year experiment, half the men did not consume any soft drinks, the other half consumed at least 5 ounces of their preferred cola (containing phosphoric acid). The conclusion of the experiment revealed people who consumed soft drinks were one-third less likely to develop kidney stones than the men who completely refrained from soft drinks. Researchers were surprised to find that phosphoric acid slowly dissolved kidney stones and reduced kidney stone formation.


To be very clear we are not recommending to increase your soft drink consumption, while phosphoric acid does have it's benefits soft drinks have been related to many other medical conditions such as diabetes. If you suspect or have confirmed you have a kidney stone condition we are pleased to inform you there are a wide variety of other natural kidney stone treatments that may assist in dissolving your stones before committing to an expensive surgical procedure.

The remedies listed above are not intended to replace medical care. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain from kidney stones, see your doctor immediately. 


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