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Author: Iulian Ghisoiu

Kidney Complete is the most effective natural kidney stone remedy available today! It is loaded with ingredients that dissolve kidney stones, eliminate kidney pain, prevent kidney infection, reduce inflammation and prevent kidney stones from forming in the future. This completely natural liquid kidney stone cure provides almost immediate relief from kidney stone pain and discomfort and begins immediately to dissolve the kidney stones so that in most cases, they can be totally dissolved within days and traditional kidney stone treatment with the associated costs for medication and surgery can be avoided all together.


Kidney stones are actually a build-up of minerals in your kidneys caused in most cases from a pH imbalance in the body. They can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball. However, even the smallest of kidney stones can cause an extreme amount of pain. For this reason it is critical to have a reputable source for a product that has gained the favor of thousands of kidney stone sufferers, urologists, general practitioners and loved ones.

Kidney stones symptoms and even the occurrence of the first kidney stone usually take a person by surprise. Once someone has experienced a kidney stone, they will not forget this traumatic experience. The first sign of a kidney stone is pain over the hip on your back between the hip and the spine. This is the sign that the kidney stone is moving into the ureter. As the stone moves, the pain will move from the back into the stomach and later into the groin area as it descends down and out of the urinary tract. Unfortunately, even being able to take pain medications sometimes becomes impossible due to the level of nausea. If pain becomes this intense, the only option might be a pain injection given by a doctor. Kidney stone pain can vary from person to person and on each occurrence of a kidney stone. Each kidney stone, just like children, have their own unique personality. Some stones can exit the body within hours of the initial pain, and others can take months if not years. Dormant, sedimentary or silent kidney stones can be present in the kidneys with little to no pain to an individual. However, one should always be aware of the possible risk and the fact that the more debris and buildup in the kidneys that there is, the less effective the kidneys are at filtering and performing their intended role. Additional kidney stone symptoms might be slow and painful urination, fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, eye strain, white of the eye yellowing out, bloating and issues of indigestion and acid reflux. Blood in the urine as well as increased levels of nitrites and leukocytes could exist, although at home or in office tests need to be performed to determine these increased levels.

Kidney Stone Causes

To avoid kidney stone treatment, one must understand the causes of kidney stones. Kidney stones can, in many cases, be an inherited problem. If a family member has had stones, issues with acid reflux, thyroid, urinary tract infections, gallstones, and similar ph balance issues, the chances are very high that kidney stones might be in your future. Another strong indicator is that of diet. A high protein diet, with the regular consumption of meats will lead to a higher frequency of kidney stones. Processed foods with lower fiber, more preservatives and more artificial additives will increase the chances of kidney stones. Consuming high levels of sodas, pop and alcoholic beverages dehydrate the GI tract and can lead to renal stones. One should also moderate the levels of sugars and salts that are consumed as many stones are formed by the over consumption of these products. First and foremost, drink plenty of water each and every day. One must understand that these are only a few of the most obvious kidney stones causes.

Kidney Complete is an all natural liquid. It is formulated with the best of ingredients in the highest concentrations available. This translates to stronger ingredients that act faster to solve kidney stone issues. Kidney Complete is also a liquid. Studies show that liquids reach a 98% absorption rate, whereas pills have an average absorption rate of 12%. At the same time a liquid is five times quicker to start working in comparison to a pill. Only a liquid can travel through the stomach relatively untouched and enter the urinary system ready with strong active ingredients. It is then ready to dissolve kidney stones, do a kidney cleanse, restore pH levels, fight bacterial issues and restore health to the kidneys.
The ingredients we use in Kidney Complete are unsurpassed. * 7 of the ingredients dissolve kidney stones
* 6 ingredients prevent kidney stones from forming in the future
* 7 ingredients prevent kidney infection and bladder infections
* 6 restore mineral & pH balance in the body
* Strong ingredients for a completely natural kidney stone cure
Kidney Complete is the ultimate kidney stone remedy. It is the best natural kidney stone remedy available today for personal, private practice, hospital or institutional use.

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