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Author: Raphael

Kidney stones result of the formation of crystals of salts and minerals in the urine. By sticking together, these crystals may form in the kidneys or urinary tract stones (renal lithiasis) of different size vary from a grain of sand to a large golf ball.


In most cases, the stones are made of calcium oxalate (account for more than 80% incidence of kidney stone) or uric acid (a byproduct of protein metabolism) due to low-protein diet. Kidney stones are curable, but can reoccur after the treatment if the patient has not changed the kind of lifestyle causing the disease: unhealthy diet, lack of hydration of the body, etc.

What are the causes of kidney stones?

There are many causes of kidney stones; some of them are:

Lack of fluid intake - Too low consumption of water and other liquids: your kidneys need enough water to dilute the urine. Insufficient absorption of water makes it difficult to the kidneys to dilute the urine and prevent crystallization of salts and minerals, resulting in kidney stones or other kidney damages.

Unhealthy diet – Consumption of foods that contain too much calcium oxalate and uric acid: foods that are rich in calcium oxalate and uric acid tend to promote the formation of crystals in the urine of some individuals.

Family history - heredity is a factor of kidney stones. A person whose parent has already had kidney stones is more likely to develop it.

Gender - Although everyone can suffer kidney stones, men are two times more affected by the disease than women are

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of kidney stones are unnoticed if the calculus are small sizes. It is possible to have kidney stones without suspecting the existence beforehand. Smaller calculus can cross the urinary tract and be expelled in urine without being obvious.

However, when big stones (the size of a golf ball, for instance) migrate in the urinary tract, painful symptoms occur including Dysuria, Pyuria, etc.

The most common kidney stone symptoms are as follows:

* Chills, fever;
* Pyuria - pus in the urine;
* Persistent urge to urinate;
* Frequent nausea and vomiting;
* Hematuria - presence of blood in the urine;
* Dysuria - burning on urination when passing stones
* Severe pain in the side and back, below the ribs and radiates to the genital organs and thighs. The pain may last a few minutes or hours, depending on the time of expulsion of the stones.

What is the conventional treatment?

Most small kidney stones are removed by the urinary tract without any treatment. If painful symptoms occur, it is necessary to use lithotripsy, a non-surgical medical procedure that uses shock waves to break up stones that form in the kidney, bladder, ureters, or gallbladder. The fragments are then expelled in urine during the following weeks. Many studies found that lithotripsy significantly increase the risk for diabetes and hypertension later in life. So, avoid it if you can.

When the stones are large, surgery may be required to extract them. The patient is then placed under general anesthesia. After surgery, the patient is advised to consume healthy diet and drink pleanty of fluids to prevent the formation of new stones.

If, despite surgery and dietary changes there is no good result, the doctor may prescribe Thiazide Diuretic, a drug that increases urine output by the kidney; or Allopurinol, a drug used to treat gout or kidney stones by preventing the accumulation of uric acid in the organism. Side effects of those drugs can include hypokalemia, high cholesterol, triglyceride, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes mellitus impotence, and more.

Why use drugs and surgery when you can be cured naturally for the rest of your life?

Natural herbal remedies offer many benefits; some of them are:
• The cost is a lot less;
• No side effects mentioned above
• The treatment is Safer and more assimilable by the body;
• No need to go or wait in emergency room when pain strikes
• Effective for a long term, thus prevents the formation of other kidney stones;
• Allow your kidneys recover their ability to filter and thus avoids complications (renal failure, cancer, dialysis).

Why is it so important to treat your kidney stones?

Untreated kidney stones can lead to:
• Chronic renal failure
• Kidney damages or kidney cancer
• Formation of other kidney stones
• A decrease in the ability of the kidneys to filter
• Regular use of dialysis to purify the blood or painful death
• More renal colic pain and tingling due to blockage of urine flow by stones.

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About the Author:

Raphaelo is a nutritionist who strongly believes in natural healing and health diet. He loves to encourage others to eat a healthy diet, the best way to prevent many incurable disease and stay strong. To learn more, Please visit " DESIGNTIMEURL="“ kidney stones remedies website

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The remedies listed above are not intended to replace medical care. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain from kidney stones, see your doctor immediately.

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