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Naturally Dissolve Kidney Stones

Drink More Water To Flush Your Dissolved Kidney Stones 

Drink plenty of water! That is what doctors recommend is the best way to flush out kidney stones and dissolve kidney stones.  Statistics indicates 98% of  kidney stones will eventually pass with just water and a little help from some natural remedies.

Kidney stones need to be dissolved and then flushed with simple acidic remedies to pass. Because kidney stones are of all shapes and sizes, some kidney stones need more than water.


Natural kidney stone remedies really work! Although these natural cures do not alleviate pain the do dissolve your kidney stones to eventually allow the stone to pass.

Most kidney stone treatments will work if they contain various natural acids found in fruits or beverages. Acids can make it to the kidneys without any trouble because of the liver. The liver's job as a filter does not play any role in acid base regulation. Therefore, any acid that you consume will not be filtered by the liver. Acids make a perfect remedy because acids can naturally dissolve calcium based kidney stones.


How to Dissolve and Flush Kidney Stones

  • Eat 8-10 pieces of fruit and vegetables daily - a great source of water soluble fiber which also naturally flushes kidney stones.
  • Drink approximately 2 litres of beverage containing phosphoric acid (citric taste)
  • Try to eliminate or reduce your dairy ingestion.
  • Remain active, do not remain static sitting on the coach, go for a walk, jog, bike or swim. Kidney stones tend to form in people who are less active.
  • Drink lots of water – consume eight to ten glasses of plain drinking water along with other kinds of fluids, the color of your urine will become clear like water which is a good sign. It is recommended to drink mineral water as it is free of sediments. 
  • Spicy foods typically are associated with causing kidney stones. If you are a spice lover, always try to blend your foods down.
  • Avoid drinking beverages with caffeine. This includes soft drinks, coffee and teas.
  • Kidney beans are very effective in the treatment of any kind of kidney and bladder problems, including kidney stones. Simply remove the beans from inside the pods, then slice the pods and put them in hot water. Now allow the water to boil on low flame for hours until the pods become soft and tender. Finally strain the liquid and then allow it to cool. Again strain the liquid and drink it several times throughout the day to get relief from kidney stone pain. This decoction should not be kept for more than 24 hours as it will lose its therapeutic properties.
The remedies listed above are not intended to replace medical care. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain from kidney stones, see your doctor immediately.

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